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An average number of 2000 children attend Skills academy clubs every week and with interest shown by new schools for new clubs and existing schools for more clubs, the number is ever growing.

"In my experience, The Skills Academy has provided an excellent service for children…..The organisation prides itself on its professionalism, enthusiasm and quality of coaching. I think that the whole community could benefit from it." - Mr De Freitas – Head of Hawes Down Junior School

The Skills Academy’s unique and highly successful After School programme aimed at boys and girls aged 5 – 11 years for all abilities, has been running for a number of years at schools within the Bromley Borough. The programme is designed to accommodate players of varied ability with an emphasis on learning and progressing basic techniques of football. Examples of core technique are: Dribbling; Passing; Turning; Heading; Control; Shooting; Finishing and Volleying.

"My son Malik really enjoys the skills academy football sessions, he looks forward to going and generally loves playing and being included.

There should be more, mainstream after-school activities like the skills academy where children are made to feel welcome!" - Mrs Irmal, Parent

To ensure that children are engaged in after-school sessions, each term follows a slightly different format.


Term 1 - Structured Coaching
Term 2 - Competition Technique Games
Term 3 - Mini Matches & Tournaments

When designing our programmes taught to all Skills Academy staff, certain key factors are always taken into consideration. These must not only help develop the game but must coincide with FA guidelines whilst containing key factors essential to Skills Academy clubs.

Here is a list of Key Factors for The Skills Academy Soccer Stars Programme:

  • The course will be adaptable to varying ages and abilities.
  • Children aged between 5-7 years will enjoy fun imaginative technique in developing games.
  • Children aged 8 and 9 will progress to working on more technical drills to master and develop technique whilst working with both feet.
  • Children aged 10 and 11 will incorporate their knowledge with increased movement and competition.
    • The general setup is as follows:
    • Register.
    • Warm up.
    • Main content. (technique practise)
    • Match.
    • Cooldown.
    • Evaluation and de-register.
  • Sessions must be thoroughly enjoyable and suitable for different age groups.
  • The coach will use his/her knowledge and understanding of the programme to alter drills/games according to the ability level of the group.
  • It is vital that children develop at a rate suitable to them. Children who have stronger abilities should be moved into higher groups or be set different personal challenges.
  • Coaches will remind children of the importance of listening to explanations and carefully observing demonstrations to ensure development.
  • Fair play will be respected at all times. Children are reminded to encourage teammates, to respect other football teams and shake hands at the end of matches.
  • Children will be encouraged to be creative and show technique and skill in small-sided matches whilst encouraged to gain results through the use of teamwork.
  • Courses are all Child Centred. Therefore, care is taken over every detail including providing special ‘heading’ balls for children learning heading techniques. Heading balls are softer, much like volleyballs.
  • At the end of every course, children all receive a Skills Academy certificate. The most improved Player from each group receives a trophy.